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meet our team 

When I first started making service dog gear, I did not think it would turn into the business it has and I am BEYOND grateful to everyone who has helped me and supported me along the way. 



I am the Co-owner of hobbymutt!

I do all of the digitizing, drawing, editing, and social media things involved with the business. I also do most of the sewing and prep work.

This is me and my husband.

We met at Miller Park (Wisconsin) surrounded by 35,000 other people and he actually got the courage to say hi to me....but he forgot to ask for my number. Thankfully I knew his best friend and we connected! The rest is history! We have been married for 7 years now and he is the most amazing man and very supportive of my crazy dream to sew items for dogs LOL

This is Rigby.
He is the whole reason I started hobbymutt. 
Back in 2019 I was at my worst. I had multiple physical and mental disorders not allowing me to live my life. I was recommended a Service Dog and he has saved my life!




Mama Bear

This is my mom!

She is the other Co-owner of hobbymutt.

She is the most AMAZING and supportive person on the planet and without her I wouldn't be where I am today!

This is Louyie!

He is my best friends medical alert service dog and my #1 fan. 

I have been experimenting on him since I first started hobbymutt.

He is a Border Collie/Lab mix and he is Rigby's BEST friend.