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Mock-Up Revisions



This listing is for revisions, specifically mock-up revisions. This applies to harnesses, vests, capes, and patches.


I offer ONE free mock-up revision.


It takes a good chunk of time to make mock-ups. I work really hard to work out exactly how you would like your design done. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of and abused the free revisions and it has ruined it for others. Working on constant revisions really cuts into the time I need to spend on your embroidery and preparing your order and cuts into the time I need for other people's mock-ups/orders.


Currently, the price after your ONE free mock-up is $10.00

Keep in mind, if your revision is something super tiny and simple, I may not charge you for the revision.


HOWEVER, THIS POLICY IS ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. When placing a custom order with me (through private message), I will add this charge to the order summary when applicable. 

If you purchase through a listing and you decide to change something about the mock-up, I will link this listing in a private message to you. I will not send you a revised mock-up until the listing is paid for.


Please message me for more information.



Mock-Up Revisions

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