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When you purchase from our shop you agree to our terms and conditions.

- Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm CST
- *CLOSED* Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday
Even when I am out of the office, I will try my best to answer questions and respond to inquiries!

• If you are purchasing this product you are confirming that you have a Service Dog that is for a disability and legal in your specific US state or other countries.

•We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason.

•We reserve the right to deny service if we question the legality or safety of your service animal.

•We reserve the right to deny service if you use a fake ID or certificate to authenticate your service animal.

• When purchasing items from my website, you are confirming that you are over 18 and purchasing our item(s) with your own money OR you have your parent(s) or legal guardian's permission to buy things with their Etsy account. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MINOR'S MAKING PURCHASES WITHOUT THEIR PARENT(s) OR LEGAL GUARDIAN(s) CONSENT!


We handcraft every single item we provide in our shop. Handcrafted items mean that these items are made without a pre-existing “pattern” and are assembled by hand. This means that these items could potentially have minor flaws such as a stitch that may not be straight or a thread that may still be attached that may need to be snipped off when you receive the item. We’re human. We do not discount or refund for minor flaws caused by handcrafting that do NOT affect the functionality of the item. We only fix/replace items that are faulty due to possible handcrafted flaws. We strive for perfection on every item we create and do our best to make sure nothing has been missed.

Returns & Refunds

You have 7 days from the date of delivery to decide if your item fits your dog properly. After those 7 days, we are not responsible for the fit of the item on your dog or for any injury that may occur because of mismeasurement on your part. If adjustments are needed, shipping is the responsibility of the buyers.

If the item(s) DO NOT fit the dog it was indented for, you may send it back within 7 days of receiving it, NEW & UNUSED. Once we have the item, we will sell it first and then give you the refund.

We DO NOT offer refunds on custom orders for any reasons other than stated above.

Faulty Gear

We have a 1 year warranty (from date of delivery) on all of our items! If your gear fails before that one year mark is up, we will fix OR replace it 100% free of charge and we will pay for the shipping. IF you misused the item(s) purchased, we will not replace them. Misuse incudes applying more pressure than you are supposed to or pulling more than the gear has been rated for or pulling on the item in the direction it was not intended for.


If you use other shops handles with our gear or our handles with another shops gear, your warranty is void.

Failure to Communicate

Should the buyer fail to communicate with us, the seller, for a period of 30 or more days despite an attempt to contact buyer, we will place your order on a hold. Exceptions apply for prior consent or knowledge for reasons of valid, long term non-communication. Once we have established contact again, your order will be placed in line. 


Failure to communicate or provide requested information for a period of 6 months or longer will result in an automatic cancellation of your order. Any funds provided will at our discretion either be kept going towards donated gear, or partially refunded depending on items ordered and if reasons are valid. 


*Valid reasons for failure to communicate include but are not limited to hospital admissions, being in a coma and reasons that would need to be evaluated due to what we create. Non valid reasons for failure to communicate include but are not limited to "not feeling like it", "forgetting", etc.

Alterations & Revisions

We work really hard to make sure everything is exactly how you dreamed and imagined! That's why we send you mock-ups and mock-up revisions so that you can approve the design we have made before we make it. 

Sadly we have had people take advantage of our generosity as a result.

Because of this, we had to implement this policy.


If you have already approved your mock-up and we have either started on the order or even finished your order and you request a change, there will be an additional charge! 


It takes a good chunk of time to make cut out and prepare your order, which may include embroidery and that is very time-consuming and costly.

Working on constant alterations/revisions wastes product(s)s and time, which we in turn lose time and money.
It also cuts into the time we need for all the orders we have.


Currently, the price for order alterations, after I have already started the order and cut the materials/started the embroidery, is $20.00 and can be found in our add ons & options section.


If your order is completely done and you require a change, you need to repay for the item(s).


Keep in mind, that if your alteration is something simple/small and will not affect the entire order, I may not charge you for it.


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