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Handle Measurement Guides

(K) Pull Strap

(K) Pull Strap Handle Measurement:

Stand in a heel position with your dog, then take 1-2 steps back to your desired walking position. Extend your hand slightly towards your dog (as shown in image K) and measure the length of the handle from the end of the dog's shoulders to your hand.

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(H) Counter Balance Handle Measurement:

(H) Counter Balance

Position yourself in a heel with your dog, and then take a step backward. Extend your hand slightly towards just behind the shoulder blades (where the girth strap would be located, as shown in image H) and measure from that point to the dog's back.

(I) Guide Handle 

(I) Guide Handle Measurement:

Stand in a heel position with your dog, then step back a few paces to where you'd like your dog to guide you. Extend your hand slightly towards the dog (as shown in image I) and measure the length from the end of the dog's shoulders to your hand.

(H) Counter Balance (CB) Handles:

We will NOT exceed 6" in height for the CB handle.
This handle is SEMI-RIGID and is NOT meant for ANY weight-bearing tasks. This handle is NOT meant for Forward Momentum Pulling (FMP). Improper use of this handle can injure your dog's spine and/or shoulders.


When considering the height of your service dog's handle, it's essential to match it appropriately to both your own height and your dog's size:

  • If you require a handle taller than 6" because of your height, it's advisable to have a larger or taller service dog to ensure the most comfortable and effective assistance.

  • If you find the need for a handle taller than 6" "because your dog is just short," this may indicate the necessity for a taller and more suitably sized service dog to better fulfill your assistance needs.

Higher CB handler, when used incorrectly, can injure the dog and handler (Yes, even if you are an experienced handler). Accidents can and do happen.
This handle is also NOT for grounding as weight should not be applied to this handle.
** **

Terms and Conditions
of Handle Use

We consistently request information about your service dog's breed, weight, and age. This is essential for ensuring that we provide you with gear that fits correctly and is suitable for your dog's size, age, and your specific needs.

It's important to note that we do not attach any handles to puppies, as it could pose a severe risk of injury to both you and your dog.

We will not exceed 18" in length for our Guide Handles!

This handle is SEMI-RIGID. These handles are ONLY meant for light FMP and guidance. This handle is NOT meant for heavy pulling! ** **

Such heavy pulling includes but is NOT limited to pulling you up stairs/pulling you out of a wheelchair/riding around on a bike, scooter, or roller skates/pulling you while using Heeley shoes/etc.


We do not want the handle to be pulled sideways.
If it gets pulled to the side, especially if it's yanked on, it can torque your dog's spine.

(I) Guide Handles:

(K) Pull Strap Handle:

Pull Straps can be used for very light FMP.
It is also our handle recommendation for someone looking for a handle for grounding purposes, physical stimuli, or fidgeting.
It's very lightweight and loose, and it won't knock anything over or get stuck under a table if you're out to eat! **

**If you need heavy pulling, Full Mobility Pulling (FMP), or heavy bracing, please be aware that our webbing harnesses are not suitable for these purposes. The primary purposes and capabilities of our harnesses and handles are detailed on their respective pages.

If you find that our webbing harnesses do not align with your needs, we strongly recommend seeking out a reputable leather harness company. Leather harnesses are designed to meet the demands of heavy pulling, FMP, and heavy bracing more effectively and are better suited to fulfill these specialized requirements.


Your service dog's safety and your needs are our utmost concern. Should you have any questions or need guidance in choosing the right harness for your particular requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.



**We want to emphasize that dogs with a girth measurement under 26" or a weight of 50 lbs or less should not use a CB handle or Guide handle of any size or length, as it may pose safety concerns.

We are committed to ensuring that our gear is not only functional but also safe for every service dog.


We do not produce CB handles or Guide handles for these smaller dogs, even for aesthetic purposes.

Our dedication to safety means that we will not compromise on the well-being of your service dog.

"Even if it's just for grounding"
"Even if you're just tall"
"Even if your dog is just short"
"They're a puppy and they're still growing"
We will not be liable for or knowing selling a product for use on a dog when they should NOT be using it in the first place!

Please Note:

These are OUR policies.
Not every shop has the same policies or standards.
We have them in place to keep you and your dog safe and happy! If you do not feel comfortable with what you just read in our policies for measuring harnesses, vests, and handles, then we may not be the right shop for you.
Safety is our #1 priority!
Thank You for reading this far! :)

-Rebekah & Rigby

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