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Guide Handle (Semi-Rigid)

Guide Handle (Semi-Rigid)

Our Guide Handle (Semi-Rigid) is designed to provide light guide work assistance for those who need it. The handle is semi-rigid, which gives slight feedback to the user to help them navigate crowds or situations where they need guidance. This handle is especially useful for individuals who have service dogs to guide them to safety during psych, POTS, or Migraine episodes or those who are vision impaired. However, it is not limited to those conditions. Please note that it is NOT meant for bracing with downward pressure, as this can be dangerous to your dog and result in serious injury.


We do not make guide handles over 18" for the safety and comfort of your service dog. NO exceptions! 


For proper measurement, please refer to our handles measurement guide.


*For safety reasons, we reserve the right to decline requests for handles that are too long or may pose a risk to the dog's health or safety.*

  • Materials

    Heavyweight Polypropalyne webbing

    Heavy-Duty Trigger Snaps

  • Responsible Usage

    We stress the importance of using service dog handles as intended and with care. Misuse or improper handling is the responsibility of the user, NOT the maker. We provide guidance on the correct use of handles to ensure the safety and comfort of both the service dog and the handler.

  • Handle Eligibility & Limitations

    To ensure the welfare of service dogs, certain handles or handle heights may not be suitable for dogs with a girth under 26 inches, weighing less than 50 pounds, or younger than 2 years old. Our priority is the well-being and comfort of both service dogs and their handlers. Please note that semi-rigid handles exceeding 6 inches in height (CB) or 18 inches in length (guide) will not be produced due to specific design considerations. Handles that are too high or too long can be very unsafe for service dogs, leading to potential injury or discomfort. These restrictions are in place to prevent strain on the dog's back and joints and to ensure proper control and safety during use. For more information on these design limits, please refer to the "How to Measure" section. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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